Who are Men in Sheds

Men in Sheds Cheltenham

The name Men in Sheds is given to a group of more mature men who meet regularly in a workshop to bring a range of skills and ideas to many activities that can involve carpentry, , community projects, repair and paint furniture and recycle things etc. Essentially working together in their own time and at their own pace enjoying being creative, in a place where one feels a degree of autonomy sharing ideas and new challenges, being creative has huge health benefits.

Leading up to retirement men think life after work is going to be fantastic, more time to play golf, walking, holidays, projects, get up late and fill the day with lots of things you have always wanted to do. In reality for many, that is not the case as boredom creeps in and loneliness takes its toll, leading to depression and isolation.

For many older men a cup of tea and a biscuit at a community centre is well meaning but the majority of us we want an activity to engage in that has meaning and purpose, that’s where Men’s Sheds fills that gap because it is generally older men who organize their workshop to how they want it to function as they fully understand their own needs.

Many women play a vital role in the shed, supporting their menfolk and in some cases have set up their own shed.

Age UK were actively involved in Men’s Sheds until funding dwindled however today the Royal Voluntary Service has stepped in and fully supports our movement with other partnerships around the United Kingdom.

The Men in Sheds are very happy to assist any community-based organisation that needs some practical assistance in their endeavours.