Helicopter Tent

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Due to our close contacts with Specialist Aviation Services (SAS), a company based on Staverton Airfield, where they fit out and service the police and Air Ambulance Helicopters. We were asked to help them out, to design and build a large blackout tent for the helicopters to be rolled into for testing night vision systems. We built this in just 9 days!!

When given the challenge Men in Sheds, took it on and worked their socks off.

It was designed, built, tested and approved on time.

It worked 100%, and is now folded up in crates until it is needed again.

The Chief Executive of the company was, we, think a little surprised that the Men in Sheds could design the 7.5mtr long, 4.7mtr wide and 3.8mtr tall blackout test tent, build it and deliver the complete blackout tent in the timeframe required. They maybe all old enough for a bus pass, but putting all their various skills together, and working together as a team they got the job done. Please visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures of this project.