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Gordon League RFC – RugbyForce

We supported the NatWest 2018 RugbyForce Weekend, this is a nationwide programme that helps grassroots rugby clubs up and down the country attract new members and become stronger and more sustainable for the future. We contributed by cleaning and painting the railings around the main pitch and providing a BBQ for the volunteers.

Helicopter Steps

Following on from our successful construction of the helicopter night vision testing tent, we were asked to construct four sets of boarding steps for the Land’s End Airport to the Isles of Scilly helicopter service, the service commenced in May 2018.

Two sets of steps were constructed and safety tested and dispatched to site by Mid April 2018, with the other two sets being completed shortly after.

Helicopter Tent

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Due to our close contacts with Specialist Aviation Services (SAS), a company based on Staverton Airfield, where they fit out and service the police and Air Ambulance Helicopters. We were asked to help them out, to design and build a large blackout tent for the helicopters to be rolled into for testing night vision systems. We built this in just 9 days!!

When given the challenge Men in Sheds, took it on and worked their socks off.

It was designed, built, tested and approved on time.

It worked 100%, and is now folded up in crates until it is needed again.

The Chief Executive of the company was, we, think a little surprised that the Men in Sheds could design the 7.5mtr long, 4.7mtr wide and 3.8mtr tall blackout test tent, build it and deliver the complete blackout tent in the timeframe required. They maybe all old enough for a bus pass, but putting all their various skills together, and working together as a team they got the job done. Please visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures of this project.

Chris’s Evans heads for the M5

Yellow canoe with Chris Evans at the controls.

Yellow canoe with Chris Evans at the controls.[/caption] Yellow canoe with Chris Evans at the controls. One morning Chris Evans, who owns Dundry Nurseries, found a 3mtr long yellow canoe had been left near his shop, there are not a lot of lakes around Bamfurlong lane, so we put some wheels on it and Chris heads for the M5 for a test run.

Humphrey the Camel

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Okay, yes it was not the most expensive plane to build. Here it is at the 2016 Fairford International Air Show. It did however; win the prize for the cheapest, as “Humphrey”, our half-size Sopwith Camel plane, with its wingspan of 16 feet, cost NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH.

The challenge the Men in Sheds Cheltenham & Gloucester were given, it had to be build from recycled material. This often meant scrap and stuff found in skips. The Airframe and wings came from old wooden pallets, cut, planed and formed into many shapes. The engine was a flowerpot painted a metallic grey, the cylinders’ used to be baked bean tins, the landing gear came from an old pram. The pilot’s seat was a child’s wicker seat, the pilot a trusty old teddy bear. The propeller was an old builder’s cement mixing board sanded to shape, the propeller shaft a broom handle, and the main body came from an old wardrobe. Dozens of bits of scrap were used, right down to the tail landing skid, a large soup spoon.

A lot of people that viewed the plane both at Fairford and the Jet Age Museum were surprised, to quote one “When you said it was a model, I was thinking of something that would fit into a cars boot” and were amazed at the thought and planning that had gone into its preparation, by The Men in Sheds of the Cheltenham branch.

“Humphrey” was never intended to fly, as if it could, with a flowerpot as an engine and baked bean tins as cylinders, but it has been on a few “trips”, the last one was to Cheltenham Racecourse November 2018 to commemorate Armistice Day. Since then it has been back in its hanger at Dundry Nursery.

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